Hair Loss

Know, what are the reasons for your hair fall?

What are the reasons for hair fall, do you need to worry every time you break your hair?

Hair fall is enough to bother anyone. People start to fear that due to hair fall, they may gradually become bald. But every time you break your hair, you do not need to worry. According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 100 hairs break every day in a normal hair growth cycle, although if the hair starts breaking more rapidly then it can be a matter of stress. Most people’s hair grows half an inch every month. At any given point in time, 90 percent of your hair is growing while 10 percent of the hair is lying in a dormant state. After two or three months, 10% of these hairs break and new hairs start growing in their place. On the other hand, other follicles become dormant. Hair fall is different from hair loss. When hair falls from the root and does not grow again, it is called hair loss. People often break their hair in stressful situations. “But you still feel bad because it takes time to grow hair,” says Doris Day, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. It may look like hair loss but hair loss is not. According to the Cleveland Clinic, alopecia is a medical term for hair loss in which a person loses their hair not only on the scalp but all over the body, although the cause of baldness is mostly genetics. Apart from genetics, there can be many other reasons behind hair loss-

Hairstyling or Wrong Hair Maintenance

Many times people start losing their hair due to the wrong hairstyle continuously. Some people tie the hair tightly with a rubber band. Braiding too high or making a ponytail can also lead to hair breakage. Apart from this, hair loss can also start due to the use of dye, bleach, straighteners, or permanent wave solutions. Depending on the amount of damage caused by these chemicals, hair loss becomes permanent.

Hormone Imbalance –

Hair loss can also occur in women due to changes in hormones due to birth control pills, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause.


illness or surgery –

The process of hair growth can also stop for some time due to stress caused by an illness or surgery. Hair loss can also occur due to thyroid disorder, syphilis, iron deficiency, or infection.

Medicine or Vitamins-

In cancer chemotherapy, an attempt is made to kill all the fast-growing cells of the body and in the same process, the hair roots are also attacked. This is a major reason for hair loss. Sometimes hair fall can also start due to the side effects of some medicines. Too much vitamin A can cause hair breakage.


Nutritional Deficiencies –

Excessive dieting or lack of nutrients in food can lead to hair fall. The deficiency of proteins, vitamins, and minerals can be responsible for this.


It is natural for hair to stop growing with age. Women are generally not completely bald. In women, most of the hair falls on the front of the head and near the ears. On the other hand, more hair falls near the forehead in men.

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